History of the Shotengai History of the Shotengai

History of the Ikebukuro-Heiwadori Shotengai

●Around Ikebukuro
●Ikebukuro-Heiwadori Shotengai
  • 1800s (Edo period)

    Houses lined up by Zogashiya road and Itabashi road that went straight through Ikebukuro-mura formed the original Ikebukuro-Heiwadori Shotengai.

    Map of the Edo Period (1800s)
  • Ikebukuro Station was opened.1903

  • 1907

    Zenkichi Shimada established Shimada Bokujo (ranch) (the current “Ikebukuro no Mori” (Ikebukuro Forest).
    The ranch was run until 1928.

    Shimada Bokujo
  • Rikkyo University was moved to Ikebukuro and reopened.1918

  • The Great Kanto Earthquake occurred.1923

  • 1924

    Orihara Shoten was established.

  • The Zoshigaya Tunnel was built.1925

  • 1927

    Ishii Shoten was established.

  • Toshima Ward was established.
    Ikebukuro became part of Toshima Ward.1932

    Toshima Ward
  • Ikebukuro was destroyed by the bombing of Johoku.
    World War II was over.1945

  • 1946

    In May, Sakaedori and Nishiharadori were merged to form Ikebukuro-Heiwadori Shotengai.

    Inauguration of the Ikebukuro-Heiwadori Shotengai


    A black market was opened in the East Exit of Ikebukuro Station.
    A black market was opened in the West Exit.

  • 1948

    Marushin Bunshodo was established.

  • 1949

    Kawasaki Inshoten was established.

    Kawasaki Inshoten was established.
  • 1950

    Maruya was established.

  • 1954

    Ikebukuro Rozen was established.

  • 1959

    Cleaning 24 was established.
    Yamada Torinikuten was established.

    Cleaning 24
  • The bonsho (hanging bell) of Jurinji Temple was restored.1960

  • The black market in the West Exit of Ikebukuro Station
    was demolished.1962

  • 1968

    In May, the Ikebukuro-Heiwadori Shotengai Promotion Association was established.

  • 1972

    BARBER GOTOH was established.

  • Sunshine 60 was opened.1978

  • 1980

    Kyomeido Shinkyuin was established.
    In May, the Land Readjustment Project for Northern Ikebukuro started.

  • 1985

    Nissei Kousan was established.

    Nissei Kousan was established.
  • 1986

    In November, the Shotengai was designated as the Toshima Ward Model Shopping District.


    The Zoshigaya Tunnel was renovated.
    It was named WE ROAD.

  • 1988

    Kohda General Construction Co. was established.
    I Insatsu Kobo was established.

  • 1989

    In November, two arches and 47 street lights were placed on Heiwadori. Heiwadori became a promenade.

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre was opened.1990

    The Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre was opened
  • 1997

    An area where the mansion of Kinzo Shimada, a forestry scholar, was bought by Toshima Ward and “Ikebukuro no Mori” (Ikebukuro Forest) was opened.

    Ikebukuro no Mori
  • The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred.2011

  • New building of Toshima City Hall was completed.2015

  • 2016

    In December, eight security cameras were placed on Heiwadori. The arch at the entrance of the Shotengai was renovated.

  • 2018

    In July, Toshima Green Kids Project (environmental seminar) was held at “Ikebukuro no Mori” (Ikebukuro Forest).

  • 2019

    Renovation of Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park finished.
    Outdoor theater, GLOBAL RING THEATRE was opened.

  • 2021

    In November, the Shotengai was chosen for the publicly offered project of Tokyo “Shopping District Renovation Project.”
    Promotion of appealing town development was accelerated while organizing issues the Shotengai faced.


    Renovation of WE ROAD finished.
    Wall drawing by Ms. Shiho Ueda completed.

  • 2022

    In February, TOKYO IKEBUKURO WEST GATE NEWS AGENCY started handling SNS.
    In April, Team “Ikebukuro no Mori” (Ikebukuro Forest) started handling SNS.
    In May, Heiwadori Kawaraban (single-page newspaper) was first published. Quarterly issue started.
    In November, Mori no Cafe/Mori no Toshokan (Forest Cafe/Forest Library) was held at “Ikebukuro no Mori” (Ikebukuro Forest).

    Forest Cafe/Forest Library

    Renovation of WE TOPIA finished.2022

Message from the Board Chairman

Ikebukuro-Heiwadori Shotengai operates daily with the purpose of creating a shopping district with a park-like experience, under the concept of “safe, appealing, and walkable Ikebukuro-Heiwadori.” Since I took the position of Board Chairman, we have worked on various projects including a patrol for safety, security, and cleaning, and others themed around “Ikebukuro no Mori” (Ikebukuro Forest) such as “Let Butterflies and Dragonflies Fly” and “Tree-planting Festival.” Since 2021, we have worked on the “Shopping District Renovation Project” of Tokyo as well as various new projects such as removal of utility poles and electrical wires on roads, publication of Heiwadori Kawaraban (single-page newspaper), Mori no Cafe/Mori no Toshokan (Forest Cafe/Forest Library), and we have also focused on sharing the local information from the Shotengai. “Ikebukuro no Mori” (Ikebukuro Forest) is a valuable local resource in the area. We aim to create the image of it, scenery full of rich nature, in the entire Shotengai. We hope that you will support us on our journey.